I am a fuckboy; This is my story [II]

Still not me.๐Ÿ˜’


No doubt…fuck boy na fuck boy. No one is disputing that but have you ever loved someone deeply and ended up with nothing?

One thing leads to another thing, even if the beast has been there before.

An heartbreak causes so many things, either in a girl or in a guy; some lose their self-esteem and others lose their way entirely.


…My first time was with my supposed โ€˜school motherโ€™, Tinuke, who was also a senior colleague. It was good but I was too high to remember all the details. Then, I made it an habit-always going to the houses of my senior colleagues-sometimes with a couple of my friends, to get high and wasted.

I met with Tinu several times and had sex every time. She was a nympho and I fulfilled all her sexual fantasies. There was no place we didnโ€™t have sex; in a friend’s car, at the cinema, at the car park, in restrooms, midnight classes, in my hostel, in the clinic, I even fulfilled her fantasy of having sex on her parent’s matrimonial bed. I’m sure the only place we didn’t do it was at a cemetery, even though we tried to get one, we didn’t find any suitable.

I know she used me, no doubt, but it was cool and fun being with the hottest senior colleague in the department, and even the whole faculty. Gradually, our relationship or rather partnership was becoming public, so we had to go low-key and decided to only meet when it was time to โ€˜do-the-doโ€™ but it wasnโ€™t really comfortable to meet, so we made a big move and got a place in town. A nice chorister from my church paid for it and even โ€˜tushenedโ€™ it up.

Long story short, Tinuke almost killed me. I started running away from her to my friends, I lied that I was in group meetings or just gave any excuse to get away from her. I mean, I already had other babes I was eyeing at the department and I was already popular in the department, so I had other ladies ready to go down with ‘Des-baby’.

Now, Sandra noticed I wasnโ€™t disturbing her again so she was worried. Thatโ€™s one funny thing about ladies- she wasnโ€™t interested in me but she wanted me around. She thought she probably loved the way I disturbed her and made a fool of myself around her. I later learned that she had her first heartbreak and she suddenly remembered me-her first love. Well, I was there for her-at least I gave her my shoulders to cry on.

The whole thing between Tinuke and I was getting boring and we needed to spice things up. We agreed to add a third player (another girl) to our partnership. It was her idea but I loved it, yunno ๐Ÿ˜‰, having all the fun to myself. At that point I was already obsessed with BDSM and had the tools ๐Ÿงฐ handy, the only thing missing was a third player.

A third player is an extra partner for a threesome.


The fate of the universe was rested on me. I was given the task to bring the 3rd player. Did I choose Sandra???

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